@Buckshot Addresses His Problems With @OldManEbro at @Hot97

 Buckshot addresses comments he made about Hot 97’s program director Ebro during which he blamed him for the decline of hip-hop, which he says erupted after Ebro said some “slick” stuff on the Combat Jack Radio Show. He adds that he felt Ebro’s comments on the show were “disrespectful,” and he felt the need to speak out about it.

When asked about Ebro’s comment on women not listening to Duck Down, the Boot Camp Clik leader directly addresses Ebro, saying “you know you were trying to be funny.” However, he says that the Hot 97 host crossed the line when he was talking about women being mistreated at the shows. He adds that Duck Down doesn’t make songs specifically for women, and believes they make songs for both sides.

The RnB King: R. Kelly Breaks Down His “Favorite Type Of Panties”

R. Kelly Black Panties

GlobalGrind’s Brittany Lewis sat down with R&B legend R. Kelly. R.Kelly discusses the concept behind his new album, “Black Panties,” working with Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson’s quirky studio habits, his new Celine Dion collaboration, and of course he breaks down the different types of panties he likes. 

Did Kevin Hart Sell His Soul??? By Dresses As Nine-year-Old Oscar Nominee “Quvenzhane Wallis” On Saturday Night Live!

SNL Elects a New Pope

Sometimes, Saturday Night Live simply embraces absurdity and we’re all the better for it.

Does it make any sense that the Catholic church would elect nine year old Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis as the new Pope?

Does it make any sense that guest host Kevin Hart would play her?

Kevin Hart