2 thoughts on “BOOK DJ MOESKIENO

  1. What’s up fam. Im calling for inquiries about being a guess on your show. I have a mixtape I dropping soon and I’d like to do a little promotion. For the record. Im not your average rapper reaching out to you. I can ensure you my appearance would be beneficial to your show. Click my link and get in tune with the hottest up and coming artist out. Period.

  2. To Whom This Concerns,

    Good Afternoon. How are you? My name is Cal Johnson and I represent the talents of musical acts, such as Lisa Farrar (Majiq), Keyvauna Tucker (Keyvauna Leshea), and Darren Williams (King Kas).
    I am contacting you in regards to one, if not them all, possibly being interviewed in your show. These acts are all solo, respectively. They also have been performing for quite some time now and have made a name for themselves in New Jersey (In which they are all from Paterson, NJ) and surrounding areas. Their resumés have grown and have allowed them to start to share with their music with a broader audience.
    Nothing can be a more intimate way to do that than to explain their methods and goals in this industry. Below I have the links to their SoundClouds, as well as, a sample of their bodies of work. Also, you can find my contact information where you can reach me, should you have any questions.
    I look forward to doing business with you.

    Signed In Honor,
    Cal Johnson

    Keyvauna Leshea






    King Kas

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